What is CACE

CACE is the Massachusetts organization of local Title I administrators. The CACE organization works with its members to obtain and share information about federal and state regulations. CACE also provides its members with a forum to address common issues and programming questions.

CACE Goals

  • To represent the interests and needs of local Title I administrators.
  • To assist full or part-time administrators from large, small, rural or urban school districts in dealing with the issues that they confront in operating their programs
  • To provide a forum for networking, collaboration and problem solving

Who May Belong to CACE?

Any local school administrator or teacher who is responsible for managing a school district’s Title I program.

What are the Member Benefits?

  • Support and collaboration for all Title I Directors.
  • Monthly meetings throughout the year
  • Annual Conference in late fall featuring National speakers and a new director orientation.
  • Professional development based on member needs and trending topics
  • Access to sample letters, forms and monthly minutes.
  • Membership in NAFEPA (National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators)
  • Weekly Federal Education Update (email)
  • Bi-monthly webinars focused on federal issues.

What are the Annual Dues?

The annual dues are $85 and is a legitimate expense from your Title I grant. Your dues include membership to NAFEPA (National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators). However, many members pay the dues out of their own pockets. CACE is an organization of, by, and for its members, representing its members’ interests.

How do I join?

Contact Susan LeVine, Membership Chair at Slevine@attleboroschools.com (508) 222-0012 ext.1355