Our Mission

Our Mission is to support and mentor Federal Education Program Administrators and Leaders.

Our Vision

CACE is Massachusetts’ leading organization for providing high quality professional development, comprehensive resources, support, and guidance to Federal Education Program Administrators and Leaders.

CACE Core Values:

All students…

  • Have the right to a high quality education
  • Can learn given equitable access to high quality schools, programs, curriculum, and instruction
  • Should be celebrated for who they are and represented in the curriculum
  • Should have access to safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments

We Believe…

  • High quality professional development is continuous, content specific, and based on current research
  • Collaborative leadership is essential to solving problems
  • Promoting change is fundamental to school improvement and improves learning outcomes
  • Strong leadership makes a positive impact in education
  • Professional networking provides opportunities for leaders to share ideas, strategies, and resources
  • Sharing of resources and exemplars builds consistency and provides equity and access for all students
  • Nurturing the social/emotional wellbeing of educational leaders is essential to their professional growth and development
  • Educational leaders deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments