Updates from DESE…

Private school consultation for FY23 ESSA grants

This is a reminder that school districts should reach out to private schools within and/or outside their district depending on the title program (Title I within/outside district and Titles II, III, IV within district only) to offer participation in FY23 ESSA grant programs. The consultation period should go from May 1 to June 30, or longer if necessary. Districts and private schools should work out the details of planned/proposed equitable services during the consultation period and sign off on the Consolidated Affirmation of Consultation that must be submitted as an attachment with grant submission. The Consolidated Affirmation of Consultation also includes a notes section to record details agreed on in consultation. The Equitable Services webpage of our federal grants website has guidance and sample documents.

Title I carry-over limit

Please keep in mind that Title I (Fund Code 305) regulations limit the amount of funding a district is allowed to carry over from Year 1 to Year 2 of the grant to 15%. Districts have until September 30, 2022 (which is the end of the federal fiscal year) to obligate at least 85% of their FY22 Title I funds. The remaining 15% may be carried over into Year 2 of the grant. If the district has not exceeded the carryover limit in the past three years, then a waiver may be requested to allow for more than 15% of the district’s allocation to be available in the next fiscal year. The Federal Grants Office will reach out to districts that may be at risk of exceeding the carryover limit for FY22 and provide further guidance.

Who is CACE?

CACE* is the Massachusetts organization of local Title I administrators. The CACE organization works with its members to obtain and share information about federal and state regulations. CACE also provides members with a forum to address common concerns. 

The primary objectives of CACE are to represent the interests and needs of Title I administrators at the state and federal levels, and to assist full and part-time Title I administrators with the issues they confront in implementing their Title I programs. 

*CACE is an acronym that stands for the Council of Administrators of Compensatory Education. However, in practice, we are known as “CACE” an organization that provides Title I information, resources, advocacy, and networking to Massachusetts public school administrators of Title I programs.